About us

Indian Cookware Online

Ignite Cookware was incorporated online in 2009, before that and even today we continue  selling offline from our retail outlet based in East London in the United Kingdom. Combined, Ignite Cookware has a wealth of experience in the Housewares, Cookware, Glassware sector going back more than 20 years. We are a cook-shop and cater for all cooking need but specialists for the modern Indian kitchen and Indian food enthusiasts.

What do we specialize in? Over the past few years we have developed our own product range, these products include

Non Stick Cookware   

We stock a variety of non stick cookware which includes pots and pans, karahi pans, fry pans and more. Our Non stick Roti Tawa has a very safe and versatile non stick coating, safe because its PFOA free - Non Toxic and versatile because its scratch resistant.

Stainless Cookware

Our stainless steel cookware is very robust, we stock good quality stainless steel pots and pans. Our stainless steel cookware also includes Dhokla makers and more.

Indian Pressure Cookers

We stock a huge range of traditional Indian Pressure Cookers with brands like Prestige, Premier and Butterfly Pressure Cookers. These pressure cookers come in different types - Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Hard Anodized. Pressure cooking is the healthiest option for cooking your daily vegetables and lentils, not only it saves time but also keeps in the nutrients.

Spice Tins (Masala Dabba)

Spice tins (Masala Dabba) is a very popular product to store those aromatic spices in, open to unleash those colorful flavors into your kitchen. Buy a spice tin today to store your own spices and keep them fresh for longer or maybe surprise a loved one with a fantastic pre-filled spice tin.

Duralex Glassware UK

Being one of the very first suppliers of Duralex glassware in the UK, we continue to offer their full dinnerware and glassware range from France in the UK. Our best selling line is the Duralex Picardie Tumbler. Do headover to our Duralex page for more products.

Indian Spice Shop

Stocking brands like FUDCO, TRS & NATCO spices and lentils we have become your one stop online shop.


With all of the above plus lots more - We look forward to serving you soon.