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Welcome to Ignite Cookware - We are your one stop cook shop, whether you are looking for pots and pans, stainless steel cookware, non stick fry pans or non stick woks, we have the options. having a retail presence in the old east end of London we cater for everyone, specialising in Indian cookware we offer the best non stick roti pans - We have our own branded non stick roti pans that offer the best quality chemical free non stick. We also carry stock from leading brands such as Kitchen devils for knives, Prestige and Premier cookware for Roti tawas, non stick woks or non stick kadais, non stick sauce pans or non stick chai pans, in addition to this we also stock an extensive range of indian pressure cookers, these range in different sizes and finishes like Premier stainless steel pressure cookers, Premier hard anodized pressure cookers.


Along with pressure cookers we also have dhokla makers and idli makers or a steamer that does both! Continuing with Premier, we are one of their nominated sellers of their Premier Super G which is an indian mixer grinder that grinds practically anything you put in their robust stainless steel jars with thick stainless steel blades. Buying pots and pans or any other products in our collection come from the best brands on the market, so high quality and durability are guaranteed.


With pots and pans from Ignite Cookware, you can quickly and easily create restaurant quality meals at home in no time. Glassware is an essential for anyone, we stock Durlaex glassware which is a leading brand from France, tumblers, dinner plates, small bowls or even serving bowls we have a variety in stock from Duralex.Stainless Steel masala dabbas are another one of our specialities, opt for a stainless steel lid or a clear lid so you can see all the spices whilst cooking or even check stock levels so you can refill them by placing an order with us. Please take a look at our website and we are just a phone call away if you need any assistance, once again thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving you soon.

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6th Aug 2021

How Do I Make Dhokla?

Ingredients needed.1 cup Gram Flour2 tablespoons fine semolina1/2 teaspoon citric acid1 tablespoon s …

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