Our Cookware

Our Cookware

Posted by Adrian on 29th May 2021

Ignite Cookware has been in the cookware market for nearly 20 years now, specialising in Indian cookware we focus on the cookware needs of the modern Indian kitchen. Over the past years we would typically buy from local suppliers and yes, we do have a very strict quality control in place, which means, if we wouldn't personally use it in our kitchen, we wouldn't sell it.

Having said that, in today's blog we would like to talk about our Roti Tawa or chapatti pan, Roti Tawas are our fastest selling products and often we get asked the following questions via our website search:

which roti tawa is good for health?

which roti tawa is best?

what type of tawa is best for roti?

which tawa is good for roti?

which tawa is best for chapati?

which tawa is for parathas?

how to choose roti tawa?

Today I am going to address these questions with a solution, Now selecting a cookware product should not take too long. Our cookware is PFOA free which answers question number one above, to my knowledge the cheaper nonstick products let out a chemical when heated over a certain degree flame, now who actually measures the heat level when cooking? No one does.

Perfluorooctanoic Acid
PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) is another chemical that is used in the process of making PTFE. ... This includes Teflon. So when you see a cookware advertising 'PFOA' free, it usually means the PTFE was made without the use of the chemical PFOA in the manufacturing process.
so going back to our cookware and roti tawas - they are PFOA free so yes it is the best roti tawa and is safe to use for making rotis, parathas, dosas, crepes etc.
If you would like to buy one then please click below: