Your Guide to Buying an Indian pressure cooker online UK

Your Guide to Buying an Indian pressure cooker online UK

Posted by D on 11th Aug 2021

A Pressure cooker that has a nationality?? Only kidding! All of the pressure cookers we have in stock are made in India and are made to UK standards and safety protocols.

You are reading this blog because you want a traditional high pressure cooker that is of an Indian brand but available in the UK right? Below is the answer!

Buy Indian Pressure Cooker Online

At Ignite cookware we have been stocking one particular brand in pressure cookers - Premier pressure cookers. We have been around for 20 years in the cookware industry and have been dealing with Premier ever since. They are super reliable and the parts are also available when you should need them.

We have three different types of pressure cookers here - Stainless steel pressure cookers, Aluminium pressure cookers and Hard anodized pressure cookers, but which one do you buy?

The aluminium pressure cookers are more affordable and probably ideal for someone who is going to use it maybe once a week or so.

 Quick Sum Up

The stainless steel pressure cookers and the hard anodized pressure cookers are our favorites, in terms of quality, it is very difficult to choose from, both are induction friendly, made from very strong metal and feel solid.

The only thing that does separate the hard anodized pressure cooker from the stainless steel is the fact that the hard anodized pressure cooker will NOT go in the dishwasher although it is easier to clean than the stainless steel one.

so, below are the benefits:

  1. The Hard anodized pressure cooker will not go in a dishwasher!
  2. The hard anodized pressure cooker is easier to clean by hand.(incase you are not planning to use a dishwasher)

The hard anodized pressure cooker is the most popular one and has been for many years now, available in many sizes, please have a look below:

Hard Anodized Indian Pressure Cooker

If you have any further questions, we are here to help you from 11am - 6pm Monday to Saturday, give us a call on 020 8471 4500