Ignite 14cm Non Stick Boiling Pot, Chai Pan Without Lid

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Ignite 14cm Non Stick Boiling Pot, Chai Pan Without Lid


Introducing our 14cm / 1.8L Non-Stick Boiling Pot: the perfect addition to your kitchen for brewing the most flavourful and aromatic cups of chai. With its innovative design and exceptional functionality, this boiling pot is a must-have for any tea enthusiast.


  • Superior Non-Stick Coating: The pot's premium non-stick surface ensures that your chai won't stick, allowing for effortless brewing and easy clean-up.

  • Poring Lip: The built-in pouring lip allows for precise and mess-free pouring, ensuring that every cup of chai is served with perfection.

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with any type of cooker, including gas stoves, electric cookers, and induction cooktops, making it versatile for all kitchen setups.

  • Optimal Size: With a 14cm diameter, this boiling pot is the ideal size for brewing individual cups of chai, allowing you to savour every sip.

  • Quick and Efficient Heating: The pot's durable construction ensures fast and even heat distribution, reducing the brewing time and preserving the tea's delicate flavours.

  • Ergonomic Handle: The pot is equipped with a comfortable handle that stays cool to the touch, providing a secure grip and allowing for effortless manoeuvring.

  • Easy to Clean: The non-stick coating prevents stubborn residue from clinging to the pot, making it a breeze to clean after each use.

  • 15.5cm wide, 12.5cm high - Internal Diameter - 14cm

Whether you're a tea connoisseur or simply enjoy a comforting cup of chai, our 14cm Non-Stick Boiling Pot guarantees a delightful tea-drinking experience. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and craftsmanship with this essential kitchen companion. Get yours today and elevate your tea-brewing game to new heights!