Which Pan Is Best For Making Roti?

Which Pan Is Best For Making Roti?

Posted by Guest Blogger on 4th May 2022

  • Non Stick Roti Tawa

A non stick roti tawa is user friendly and used to make roti, rotli, chappati, call it what you may but these terms mean the same - a flat bread. Made from aluminium in most cases, it is coated with a non stick coating, the number and quality of coatings can vary. Some non stick roti tawas only have a single coating of non stick and this is reflected in the price you pay, some also have a chemical free coating which are free from harmful toxins. This Roti Tawa is chemical free.

  • Iron Roti Tawa

A iron roti tawa is the most traditional way of making roti, although it is not non stick and not very user friendly due to this, it is still commonly used in most Indian kitchens, including restaurants. Iron roti tawas are very versatile, once bought hardly requires replacing! The downside of buying one is that the roti can actually stick if not used properly and iron needs to be treated after each use otherwise the risk of rust can mean buying a new one sooner than you think. A double handle Iron roti tawa is a good option.

  • A Frying Pan

A frying pan? Absolutely, we have tested this hard anodized fry pan and it works wonders! Although roti is a staple diet in most Indian households, some only prefer to eat it twice or thrice a week so buying a non stick or hard anodized frying pan and using it the same way works. This means you don't actually need extra pans in your kitchen if you are limited to space.