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Spice Tin With Spices | Width 20cm | Height 4cm Includes 7 spices to get you started on your cooking journey




With Christmas to look forward to - Ignite Cookware brings you our best selling stainless steel masala dabba | spice tin with a seasonal twist.

Our Masala dabbas are the best sellers when it comes to gifting during the festive season.

The Masala Dabba / Spice tin has a clear perspex lid and comes with 7 inner pots, the spices can easily be seen without the need to open the lid.

This is a must have product for anyone serious about cooking authentic Indian food.


Spice Tin Package Includes


  1. Natco Coriander Seeds Bottle 65g
  2. Natco Green Cardamons Bottle 50g
  3. Natco Fenugreek Seeds Bottle 100g
  4. Natco Chilli Powder Bottle 100g
  5. Natco Turmeric Powder Bottle 100g
  6. Natco Garam Masala Bottle 100g
  7. Natco Cumin Seeds Bottle 100g


  • 7 Indian spices that will elevate your dishes and really tingle your taste buds. 
  • Each spice will come in its own prepackaged packet from a leading brand like Natco
  • Metal spoon included for accurate measures. Our Indian Spice Tin (Masala Dabba) is the perfect all-year-round gift for home cooks and experienced chefs and for those who wish to create or recreate authentic Indian meals at home. 
  • Please note if a bottle spiced is not in stock it will be replaced with a packet.